Car Servicing – Checklist of Basic Car Maintenance

ID-100157144-1-300x207You can save cost doing basic car maintenance if you get used to what to check out for. As a driver or a car owner, you should be acquainted with basic repairs and maintenance tips so you can have your vehicle in good condition always. More so, this knowledge can help you avoid paying excessively to the mechanics for car repairs.

The following checklist can help you understand what the mechanic could possible do when you take your car for routine maintenance.

Wheels and tires check – The alignment of the wheels with the steering would be checked and wheel balancing should be done. There wheels should be checked for any grime, heat and   moisture that has baked. Brake dusts that clung to the wheels should also be cleaned. More so , the tires should be checked for normal presures.

It’s important not to ignore good pressures because underinflated or over inflated tires could cause wears and blow out. The thread of the tire should be checked as well. Worn threading could affect the alignment and balancing of wheels. It’s still important to have your tire replaced if there is a thread wear problem.

Engine check – You need to check your engine for a lot of functions. Most sounds associated with the performance of a car come from the engine. You should ensure that the series of drive belts in your car checked for efficiency. Some of these could wear out because they are made from rubber. You should have them replaced if there are signs of defects. The fuel economy, fuel level, and coolant levels are other common checks you need run on your vehicles. You must ensure these are in order to save cost.

Apart from the above, you need to do checks on the electrical parts of your vehicle. The battery and lights should be checked for proper connections and reconnections. The gas octane rating recommended by the automaker should also be used.

Conclusively, if you have idea of what to be possibly checked during car servicing then you are more likely to save costs. Although mechanics can do these checks for you, it’s still invaluable if you understand these basics.